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Turkey is a fascinating country for ESL teachers who want to experience a progressive Muslim culture. The country offers a rich cultural experience, emblematic buildings and historic sites, beautiful beaches, and people are very friendly with foreigners.
In 2005, Turkey sought to join the European Union in order to improve its political and economic relationships with the West and has opened the doors to more than 20,000 ESL teachers who are hired every year.
Most entry-level jobs are found at private ESL institutes and experienced teachers are welcome in university positions. Several multinational English institutes have opened their doors in Turkey making it easier for new teachers to get their first job while they settle in a completely different culture.
Wages average $1,500 per month plus housing allowances and benefits. While Istanbul is the most popular destination, smaller cities offer a wonderful experience at similar wages while the cost of living is much lower in the outskirts.

Minimum requirements:
University degree
100-hour TESOL certificate.